Today. Today was good.

Today. Today was good.

I had my 2nd Thanksgiving with my boyfriends family today and I felt so welcomed. I’ve always felt like they disapprove of me because of all my “shortcomings” or that they just dislike me period; but today, I felt like family. I felt the warmth and the love, I felt the caring and the memories, I felt like I belong with them forever.

After we left his family,  we went to mine. Even though I see them every single day, walking into their house brings me this overwhelming sense of comfort and protection; I know that I’m okay there. My parents made and amazing meal and we had a small get together with just the 5 of us…it was all I could have asked for and then some.❤️

After we made both stops; my next destination was to shop. I went with his brother-in-law and 3 of his sisters while he stayed home with our mini. I got all the things that I went after, which everyone underestimated me being able to do… his brother-in-law made sure that I got the exact cowboy boots that I wanted for Christmas but he let me take them home early, one of his sisters bought us towels, his other sister got a few things for Ry for Christmas & the other sister stood with me then held up her post to get one of the things that I was there for then helped me fight the crowd while I rushed around like a crazy person.

I had an amazing day today, although I am worn out at the end of it; it’s definitely one that I will remember. -DangerouslyDisturbed


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